Friday, 17 July 2009

Vivienne Westwood has a Point

Just found this in another blog, and I had to post it - Dame Vivienne Westwood at the Jonathan Ross show, telling people to buy less. I just realized I had never seen her speak, and she sounds like the sweetest grandma one could ever have! :)

Now about the environmental speech, the media criticizes and makes fun of her, but I think she has a point. Who am I to say that shopping is bad because I do love to buy lovely new things - but I get more than anxious at times when I realize that I've been spending more hours thinking about purchases than reading books, looking at art, or having great conversations. It annoys me when I browse around my favourite fashion blogs and all they talk about is what they bought and what they're going to buy - instead of focusing on what they used to do best, like doing their DIY projects, creative styling and taking inspiring pictures. Excessive consumerism is not gonna do anyone any favours - it's boring, it's dumb, and it's bad for the world.

So, dame Viv has a point - even if there's a little hypocrisy there, seeing her position in the fashion world. But indeed, buying less and buying only what you love and will keep for long is the way forward.

Now, as George Bush would say, watch this:


  1. I don't know, I just found the interview really inappropriate and cringy. I'm sure there are other ways she could have expressed her opinion, through other, more relevant shows perhaps. Jonathan Ross was just not the right place for her and she looked a bit silly, especially, as you say, because of her position in the fashion world. Why doesn't she stop designing and selling? Why doesn't she give her dresses/clothes to charities to be auctioned off? Why doesn't she give huge amounts of her profits to charities? Why doesn't she make sure that the only celebrities who are seen wearing her clothes are very eco-aware? It's just not enough to be all talk and not actually (so it appears to me) be doing anything particularly eco friendly or budgeting in any way, it just sounds hypocritical. Sorry for the life story hahaha, it's just that I saw the interview and although I'm not against people raising awareness of climate change in any way, it just felt so awkward, out of context and hypocritical. I'm open to being corrected if the Dame does indeed lead an openly eco-friendly and money-saving lifestyle....! xoxo

  2. well, the thing is, she is being bashed by the media since she came out with that manifesto thing, and I understand your point. I mean, it's very well to point fingers and not do anything about it yourself - but at least she is using her status to raise a few questions.

    She is a punk at the end of the day... her thing is to provoque people, which she's obviously done in this interview as well. :)

    I love the idea of buying less but buying what you absolutely love (and I DO love VW stuff) - because, to be honest, none of us will stop buying altogether, right? We might as well think a little bit before splashing the cash.

    thanks a lot for your comment!!