Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Time - He's waiting in the wings

Surfing the web (do people still say that?) ramdonly, I came across a London-based brand called Customers Own Property, the brain-child of yet another Saint Martin's graduate, German designer Sabine Brauninger. Looking through her website, looks like she is no longer producing collections (her last was AW06/07) - a shame, because her playful approach to proportions and "relaxed" tailoring were quite rather appealing. Yet, one of her latest outcomes was a video collaboration for an exhibition by Nick Knight's SHOWstudio media project called Future Tense - "a global platform for an exciting new generation of fashion design to use the medium of moving image to express their creativity." (It came out last year, so obviously most fashion blogs must have covered it - but because this blog is no longer worried by immediacy and more into inspiraton, we post it anyway.)

Anyways, the brief said that fashion designers should give a "helping hand" into shaping the future - and I loved how Sabine covered it in a simple yet visionary way. It shows the same model in a blonde and brunette version dressing, undressing and exchanging a series of versatile, simple but slightly unconvetional garments.

This video led me to the check who else's done the same, and apparently most of the designers featured in the 100 New Fashion Designers book by Hywel Davies produced a video of their own vision. A few of them, probably too busy with fashion week schedules, didn't bother much and simply sexed-up footage of fittings and backstages - but some produced really beautiful, inspiring little films, like this one below by the Rodarte sisters, and a beautiful kaleidoscopic rendition by dutch designer Jantaminiau, in which models demonstrate the usefulness of skirts that turn into beautiful capes (to the sound of Bowie's "Time"). Who says fashion can't be art?

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