Sunday, 8 February 2009

Slave to Fashion

Then after doing some new shots for the Ebay shop, we decided to brave the cold for once and go out. Winter is always a night-out dilemma: just the thought of wearing gazillions of layers to step out and wait for the bus, strip them all off inside a super-heated bar/club, to them pile them up all again to prepare for the journey back inside a crowded bus fully of smelly drunkards, makes me reach for the duvet and curl up with a good film and Indian takeaway.

But it seemed to have been ages since I last had proper fun and danced till my make-up melted away, so we decided to go to the fabulously decadent Beach Blanket Babylon for the Slave to Fashion (oh, the irony) party.

Since Boombox finished, it seemed like all the crazy club-kids have gone into hiding (or maybe that was just me? :P) or scattered around (Trailer Trash used to be fun but last time we went, the queue was so long and the people were so, uhm, Leicester-square-looking , that we gave it a rest). I guess this is where they will be heading now. And damn, it was fun. If it wasn't for the horribly slow bartenders (30 minutes to get a beer wrecks anyone's soul, specially when the party ends at 1am), it would've been perfect. Lots of crazy attire, cheesy music, and silliness going on. See for yourself.

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