Sunday, 8 February 2009

Layer it, baby

Okay, so two posts down I said I was going to compensate for having spent money on new leggings when I have TONS of legwear to choose from at home already - so I did. Here's first attempt:

Primarni patterned tights layered over AA silver leggings.

I haven't worn those silver leggings in ages, thinking it was a little bit passé (I mean, it seemed EVERYONE in London had them two years ago), so it seemed like a cool idea to hide the obvious sheen a little. And the fishnet tights are (at least in my head) slightly Rodarte like (gosh, just saying the label's name makes me want to cringe a little. Are you sick of everyone talking about as much as I am? E-v-e-r-y fashion blog talks about it. And here I am as well. Sometimes we can't escape it, inn't).

Freebie T-shirt (Secret Garden Party), boots Primani, hat Beyond Retro

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