Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sculptural addiction

You see, blogging about fashion is all about immediacy - you either post on a daily basis, or you have the connections to be way ahead of the game, ahead even of the supreme fashion journalists (such as the unnervingly prolific Susie Bubble). Such is the beauty of blogs: not dependent on advertisers, they don't need to wait for seasons to turn, bosses to approve, time-frames to be respected.

Talking about Susie, baaaack in September and November (anos-luz behind in fashion time), she had already seen up-close-and-personal the coveted Emma Cook's ruffled-zippers SS09 shoes, which, being an insignificantly mortal newbie in style-blogland, I only spotted in Grazia yesterday (and was immediately pierced by a fulminating love) - and WHICH are will be sold at, of course, Topshop.

You see, shoes are becoming more and more fantastic these days, but fantasy comes hand-in-hand with high-price tags - remember the now detestable 'It Bags'? Yeah, they've been replaced by 'It Shoes', and I'm not complaining. I'll carry my stuff in a Tesco bag if it means I can get lifted to new heights by sculptural footwear.

So back to prices: how does one feed one's addiction to art for the feet in these harsh times?

One believes in the catching-up power of the high(height?)-street. Cook's wonder is relatively affordable at £95. And flicking briefly through this month's Elle's accessories supplement, two wedges caught my eye: a faded mustard number from Aldo and a black ankle-cuffed one, which, although quite lacking in the sculpture department, would work wonders during daytime run-to-catch-the-bus-in-London's-wet-cobbled-sidewalks routines.

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