Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Glory for the Legs

Only recently I realized that many style bloggers out there share my enthusiasm(I was gonna say obsession, but then I don't actually DREAM about it - only THINK a couple of hours a day about it) for legwear, specifically leggings. In my teens I was absolutely fond of gym gear and would gladly ditch my uncomfy jeans (stretchy denim was not very popular at the time in Brazil) for leggings and ballet catsuits - even though my schoolmates would sniff at me for daring not to clad myself in low-cut bootcut like 99.9% of them.

I wouldn't dare to sport anything other than black leggings, though, until, of course, I moved to London and found Topshop (that was 6 years ago) - and OH, the glory! They made printed ones, which no one bought and were always relegated to 75% off sales rack. I fell in love.

Then I started doing the vintage thing - at this point, my leggings passion had found American Apparel, and all the other high-street chains which were churning them out to death - and found a supplier who had stacks of 80s leggings. The Original Printed ones. High-Waisted ones. Madly-Coloured ones.
I looked around Ebay and it seemed I was the only one who thought they were like gold. No, diamonds.

I sold most of that first batch, saving a couple for myself, and for little more than peanuts, including the now celebrated floral ones - which topshop made sure to make the WORLD go crazy over it. I'm trying not hit my head on the wall since I saw the lookbook a few weeks ago.

But of course, I couldn't contain myself today when I saw they turned up at the online shop, and decided to put my paypal account to work. I had to make-up for the lost ones. I feel guilty though, with all the other vintage leggings in the studio waiting to be fixed, DIY-ed, adjusted. I'll make for it, promise. Meanwhile, those babes are gonna look grrrrrreat on my midget legs.

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