Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Marc Jacobs, move to London, babe.

Thank god for Marc Jacobs, inn'it? When everyone else is doing recession-chic, he goes there and BAM! throw a bunch of bright, colourful party outfits at us. He told editors that he was thinking about a time in New York (the 80's - yes!) when people loved to dress-up and party and it doesn't happen anymore. IT DOESN'T?! Hellow! Maybe not in New York, because here in London, club kids are having a BALL in their closets, thankyouverymuch. Maybe you should move up here darlin' - Paris must be dull to you at mo...

Oh, one more thing: THANK YOU, MJ, for bringing back the monster shoulders. I still have here at the studio a bunch of 80's jackets that have totally OTT shoulders, and I was a little disheartened to have to shrink, maybe I should wait another 6 months when the entire high-street will be copying them, and then I'll be RICH (cue evil laugh here: MWAHAHAHAHAWWW)... or not.


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