Sunday, 15 February 2009

New York Fashion Week is rock'n'rolling

I say! New York Fashion week is rocking right now, and to echo Carrie Bradshaw in that infamous episode that she falls spectacularly while walking down the catwalk : ME LIKEY. From what I've seen (no, I'm not there - god BLESS, everyone seems to be doing tough, rock'n'roll, smoking-sexy numbers - albeit with typical New York slickness - and all very wearable. It goes without saying that is plain-old black will be the colour du jour come autumn, which, even though I'm still in mid-winter and nearly SCREAMING for some floating, colourful, uni-layered freedom , I'll be welcoming it with gusto by the end of the year.

SO. My favourites.

New York prodigious Alexander Wang, a favourite with every rock-chick (specially Brits) kept his trademark simple-but-effective lines, swapping jersey for leather and a bit of tailoring. Less sporty (although there was an awful lot of cycling shorts.. are they gonna come back?) and more sophisticated, but all still VERY sexy. (I, for once, a-d-o-r-e it. Cut-out leggings, you shall be mine.)

Then, the celebrity-consanguineous Charlotte Ronson, tartan and floral prints aside, also showed some sturdyness with - again - lots of leather, panelled cut-out leggings (oh, yes), and that corset on top of a flimsy dress . Skinny silhouettes will very much appeal to a gal's inner groupies, which, again, I a-p-p-r-o-v-e.

More leather, this time mixed with lots of lace, mesh, and uhm, skin, appeared at Staerk's runway, giving a whiff of 80's Madonna with high-waisted skirts, and lingerie on show.

And, to finish off, Rag&Bone was all Japanese references, with a robust edge (and a little homage to Balmain with that one-shoulder bandage dress). Less sexy, more street-wise and chic, this is resilient fashion to brave tough weather.

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