Wednesday, 18 February 2009

In the next few days...

So, London FW is around the corner, and there's loads of cool stuff going on this side of the pond - which will be all over the press, so no need for me to say anything of the big fishes.

As for me, this is the first Fashion week I'm being actually active. From tomorrow I'll be working backstage for these guys: hail the MASTERS OF PRINT! I'm like, over the moon with excitement! Still don't know any details (and even if I knew, I can't really tell you before the show, which is this Saturday.) Nonetheless, I will probably keep posting bits and bobs in the next few days (if anyone is actually reading this blog, heh.)
*Basso & Brooke S/S09
Then, Friday night there's the Young British Designers: Mapping Future Fashion Private View at the V&A, (sorry, facebook link only), which is curated by LCF MA students, and which will feature the guys above, and another one of my favourite, Ashish, among others.

Monday I'll be attending the Maria Grachvogel show at The Hospital members club (or "The Hospice" as the staff likes to call it), which promises to be interesting, as she is making a comeback after a 5-year break from the catwalk.

The same night there's the Fashion.Music.Style magazine 2nd issue launch party at Soho club Punk (which comes in handy, as I wanted to see what all the fuss is about that club, with all the Geldofs and Moss of this world stumbling out of their doors completely off their faces... must be fun).

And, of course, there's the Independent Fashion Bloggers Dress Up SoireƩ (which, sadly, I'm not a member yet due to my novice status... :( ) at the Last days of Decadence in Shoreditch. Should be super fun, with freebies for best dressed blogger and other things. It's also on Monday, which will be a total stretch.

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  1. well... you're a member now...
    see you monday!

  2. all right, then... shaking things up!
    good job!
    aaand didn't know you had this blog as well.
    like it.