Sunday, 22 February 2009

The show

I thought I would've been able to be more active over here the past days - but working for B&B (for Basso & Brooke, not Bed & Breakfast) meant no time for eating/sleeping/scratching-one's-bum or blogging for that matter. But it was absolutely worth it. We worked in a very small but very friendly and passionate team (not in that sense, you silly). The boys are every bit the design wizards they're now so famous for, the clothes were stunning in a very grown-up way, the show was as smooth as it could be (I had seen the looks from so many angles so many times that by the time we were backstage I had memorized every single stitch - some poor dressers looked slightly scared when I came over to their allocated rails).

I'm not sure the boys were worried about it, but I kept thinking that the collection looked so gorgeously bright, so expensive-looking, SO RICH (it channels Louis XIV, for god's sake), that journalists would immediately label it wrong for the moment - surely this is not the most recessionista-chic collection?

Or is it?

The wrong in the picture inevitably was me (as usual). In a interview for Grazia, Chris brilliantly summarized it all: "You've got your jewellery your belt your top your skirt - all included in one dress." - which was interpreted as "Now, if that isn't creative credit crunch dressing, we don't know what is!" Hah!

In sum, I feel it was one of the best experiences I have ever had (hopefully not the last): you don't expect to meet so many nice people in this kind of environment, and I have nothing but compliments and admiration for everyone that got involved (or showed up briefly).

So here is some of the moments (*all pictures by Robinson Barbosa).

the rails
"No, that's not real fur, it's a print, darling"

You become a bloody cobbler, if needed to. Damn big footed models.

Stephen Jones (who made the head pieces... I know, right?!) and Chris Brooke

"Can anyone hand me a ladder, please?"

Bruno Joinha

"So, what's your star sign, Stephen?" Ana & Julia: all my gratitude

And my favourite looks:


  1. You were a joy to work with, and no it won't be the last....xx

  2. awwwwww
    thanks hun!! (/me bows in reverence).