Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fringes, Fringes, Fringes

Here's a better view of today's outfit - just an excuse really to show the new fringe trim. This whole fringe thing is a bit of a belated love-affair, sprung from THAT ss09 Jil Sander fringe themed show.

*Dress vintage, cameo cardie just seen Prada, denim jacket thrifted and customised, tights boots

It seems that fringes aren't going anywhere, judging by these looks from ss10 Dolce&Gabbana show. I'm SO glad they've returned to their super feminine, Latin-inspired ways.

Which brings me to this amazing H&M fringed cardigan. When I spotted it while assisting a stylist on a shopping trip a few weeks ago, I HAD to have it. The fringes are made of little satin ribbons tied in little hole of the cardigan. It's a simple, but GENIUS idea, and only £29.99. I love how it reminds me of a monkey-fur coat, although the boyfriend says it looks like a huge cheerleader pom-pom, haha.

*Cardigan H&M, tee All Saints (boyfriend's), tights Basso & Brooke, shoes Topshop.


  1. That's a great post! I love my Topshop boots, too. Let's hope the H&M in LA has that jacket. Better than fur, and much, much cooler. M.E.

  2. Wow, I spotted this cardigan on a chick on the tube the other day, it had me totally mesmerized & I was trying to work out what the fringe was made of & how it was attached without alarming the wearer too much with my persistent ogling.
    I can’t believe it’s from H&M & at such a very reasonable price too...awesome!

  3. yeap! I went out at night on sunday, and this group of girls approached me and asked if the fringes were made of leather! It's such an interesting and creative piece, people approach me to talk about it - and no one can believe it's h&m ! Well done H&M, keep bringing these pieces out :)

  4. You look fab and trendy! I love fringe too =)