Friday, 25 September 2009

Basso and Brooke SS10

I knew already when the time for LFW arrived, I wouldn't have much more than a minute to breathe, let alone catch-up on everything else that was happening in town (all I know about the others came via, twitter, and... London Lite :P). Unfortunately, the show was on the last day, late afternoon, which meant a whole weekend of casting, packing, unpacking, sewing, deciding, panicking, laughing, and everything else that involves a major catwalk show. It's a very intense process, but one that it's ridiculously fun as well. I mean, how can you NOT have fun touching and handling high-fashion - pieces of art in fabric form?

And the clothes, this time, were SEEEEEXY. I'm not gonna start babbling a review here, as a) plenty of people have done it already (Jeff Koons, Herb Ritts, etc etc), and b) I'm, of course, biased. But personally, I must say: the prints were deliciously sinuous and fluid, emphasised by lots of body-con dresses, cleavage, bustiers, body-skimming drapery - clothes for women dressing for men, not other women, as it has been so common these days (I mean, who are WE kidding, right girls? :). Not only the 90s influence was there (think George Michael super-model videos), but definitely there was a Latin, hot-blooded vibe to this collection - all good in my books. Who says women can't be avant-garde and sexy at the same time?

I was lucky to try a few of the pieces before the craziness started, and we had a bit of a laugh - everything had to be pinned and shortened, as of course, I'm tres petite :)

Of course, this is definitely not the way to appreciate the collection, so for a better idea of what I'm talking about, you can see the images of the show here, and I'll leave you with some really fresh and fun backstage images posted by Dazed Digital (the BF also shot some great ones - will post later).

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