Friday, 11 September 2009


The weather in London is rather strange at the moment. Two days ago it was so hot and stuffy that I was obliged to go to the Post Office in a vest and skirt, no tights, cardie, nothing. I mean, it's nearly MID-September, I should be getting the leathers out. :P

But yesterday was quite pleasant. I don't know what's going on, but these days I can't really think beyond black & white - normally I'm more colourful than that, but I guess I might be just mourning the end of the summer... it should change next week, with LFW :)

(blazer Zara, vest AA, trousers Tripp NYC from 10 years ago ! shoes Demonia)


  1. Omg i love the shoes! + i totally feel you on mourning the summer!!! ahahha

  2. Loving the shoes, too! The patent against the matte of your clothes is a great addition.

  3. those shoes were responsible for me not making any FNO events... seriously! haha

  4. Wow those trousers look good for being 10years old....I love this classic simple but effective outfit

    Laura xxx

  5. Your blazer is so good! I wish we had Zara here...