Thursday, 18 June 2009

The perfect t-shirt , the coolest shop

I don't do much shopping these days. First because I don't actually have too much money to spare, and second, I confess, I feel guilty for having already too much stuff at home - and I know that with a bit of patience, creativity and minor skills with the sewing machine, I could give all that stuff a new lease of life. So for me these days, consumer satisfaction is a trip to the habberdashery and an afternoon putting my fabric scissors to work (which doesn't necessarily work every time).

However, I broke my shopping strike this week. For two (sort of)good reasons.

Last weekend I was supposed to meet a new friend, and she told me to meet her at a place called Bacon Street Project, just off Brick Lane. For whatever wrong circunstances, I had never heard of the place, and when I checked their website, it looked like the coolest shop in the whole of Brick Lane (and Brick Lane becoming such a hard-core shopping district, it's tough competition).


Run by two effortlessly beautiful girls, Elise and Livia, this place is like a French flea market meets hip Hoxton boutique meets Art College affair. Hell, it IS all of those things: on top of collecting and selling props, vintage furniture and other interesting bric-a-bracs they find (where else) in France, they also champion young, undiscovered fashion designers, and throw once-a-month themed parties in their basement gallery, where they also have exhibitions. Oh, and they have a café (next to the till).

All of that is enough to make an alternative fashionista's heart stop, but there's more: it's called Komana, their in-house ethical fashion brand. I didn't get a chance to explore all the collection, but I DID find the PERFECT t-shirt. Made of Bamboo and organic cotton, is ridiculously soft, cut in a way that fits deliciously well, and the prints are no-chalantly cool.



I went back the next day to buy one, and I haven't taken it off since. I didn't realise it until recently, but t-shirts are my work and play uniform - but it's so difficult to find ones that look and feel great, that when I do find one, I just have to have it.



Then, two days later I had an argument with the boyfriend and went shopping again. (continues on the next post).

*all images from Bacon Street project website.

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  1. It's an awesome shop/gallery, and they had an awesome party a few of the nights I visited.. Brick Lane is an amazing part of London..