Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Talent Spotting: Mark Fast

I'm one of those people who buy more magazines and books that I have time or mental stability to read, so I tend to accumulate the poor neglected volumes in piles all over the studio and next to my bed - until they get picked up.

So yesterday I was flicking through January's i-D (which, of course, was bought in December), and on the story about the recent winners of the ITS (International Talent Support) award, one picture grabbed my attention: the model was wearing a skin-tight, fringed, cobweb knitted creation in cobalt blue that was MONSTROUSLY sexy. The creator is a Canadian who just finished his MA at (where else?) Central Saint Martins, and he developed a yarn that mixes wool and angora. The dresses are all hand-crafted in a domestic machine (which means that, oh no, they won't be very affordable, darling).

Anyway, I'm very sure he's gonna be all over the fashion press very soon. I mean, wouldn't you wear these beauties on a big night out in Brazil? I would. I hope I will.

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