Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ethical Fashion

Yesterday I attended the Estethica press day, and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I was familiar with some of the designers exhibiting (Nin, from Goodone is a friend of mine, and a very talented one indeed!), I also met amazing people that I'm sure will change the face of ethical fashion sooner than we think.

Surely one of these people will be Elisalex Grunfeld de Castro, the lovely girl behind Nina Dolcetti shoes. I spotted the croc platforms she was wearing the minute I arrived, and couldn't take my eyes off them! They are all made to order in a small atelier in East London with re-used off-cut materials, and the ones I loved cost £150 (which are not bad at all for a designer item made especially for you).

Then I met Ada Zanditon, who I'm sure I've seen other bloggers talk about before - her graduate collection (first picture) was certainly impossible not to talk about! She set up her business after working with Gareth Pugh, and she has a great future ahead of her, I'm sure. Her dresses made of dyed linen in geometric patterns would be perfect for an avant-garde layered look .

And of course, my friend Nin, whose label Goodone is a pioneer and has paved the way for all the ethical fashion that's taking centre-stage in the industry now. I love her patchwork bodycon dresses, and particularly adore the leggings and this bodysuit.

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  1. Hey, I just hosted a fashion show with Goodone's clothing. some pictures and links to more pics can be seen on my profile. enjoy...