Friday, 4 September 2009

don't even know if I'm actually allowed to post this pictures here, by I figured that since they've turned up on Facebook, I probably should be. A couple of weeks ago, the BF was commissioned by the boys at Basso & Brooke to shoot their collaboration with the NGO Shelter: 52 artists, including Vivienne Westwood, Rankin, Damien Hirst, among others, are to produce a card for a special set of cards which will be sold as part of Shelter's House of Cards campaign. B&B got the Queen of Hearts - and I was lucky enough to try the outfit on for testing. Talk about statement shoulders, people!

The final image - which I don't know exactly what it looks like, but I've seen the final stages - is absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see them out.

By the way, B&B also collaborated with British Elle for the amazing Underground posters celebrating the 25th anniversary of the LFW. Nothing like A LOT of colours to make your tube trip a little more cheerful! :D (i was going to say "trippy", but that would be too obvious) :P

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