Sunday, 16 August 2009

Rip Her to Shreds

I could've waited to do several posts with all these little DIYs i did in the past weeks, but i'm not very disciplined with this blog, so this is a 3-in-1 promotion :)

I'm very into the whole bad-girl, ripped-her-to-shreds look, influence probably of living in the dirty streets of east london :P And of course, influence from the several fashion blogs out there who are doing this very same projects. I think ripped jeans will always be the ultimate rock'n'roll symbol, along with leather jackets, and the Cheap Monday patchwork ones from the new Ann-Sophie Back collection are a great spin on it.

So based on it, I've put some scraps of vintage fabric on one of the legs, and the other i ripped using a seam-ripper. It took several hours, not an easy one this one.

and the cardigan... that's one a lot of bloggers did, and I HAD to do one myself. I'm wearing it back-to-front, as the back came out more succesful than the front.

and this is my version of the Topshop slashed vest. I love how it looks like ribs - "Horror Girls" indeed. I think it'd look better on a stretchy jersey tee, but this is just a primark one I stole from the Boyfriend.. I had to try it out on a cheap one :)


  1. I LOVE those jeans you made :)

  2. I am seriously loving those jeans with the colorful patches and the black lace. Very nice.
    Fabulous Finds Gal

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  4. I love the ripped look, when done right of course ;)

  5. The jeans are wicked - love the patched look!

  6. wow those jeans are amazing!

    what does your tattoo mean?


  7. thanks guys! hannahlizabeth, the tattoo in the back means star in japanese :)

  8. Love it! I love the DIY thing...and this is just great. I met a girl yesterday who self-fringed her own tee. It was great. Keep the scissors sharp and have fun!

  9. Awesome DIYs!
    I really love that cardigan, it looks amazing.