Tuesday, 25 August 2009

the newsletter

I've decided to create a weekly newsletter for the shop, to update my regulars (and potentially future customers), but being the slow person I am, I still haven't managed to organise a subscription system for people to opt in and out. So, for now, the only way you or anyone else can sign-up to receive updates is by 1) buying something from the shop, and your email will be added to the list (which I think is the BEST option, haha) or 2) adding the shop to your favourites on Ebay (also a good one :P), or 3) sending an email to thais@majortomvintage.com with the subject "I'M IN!" :)

In any case, I'll be posting the images of the newsletter here anyway, so you can always check the blog.

maaaany thanks!

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