Saturday, 29 August 2009

I'm so HIGH

It's been a week since I've fallen from a table while dancing in a pair of quite average-high platform shoes, and my ankle is still swollen and hurt. But it didn't make want less shoes that are high and high. I think for someone my size (5 foot), height is quite addictive. So obviously I was DYING to get my hands on the Ashish booties that landed on two days ago... and are gone already. I tried the black ones at Oxford Circus anyway, with difficulty, and yes, I could barely walk in them and looked like a alien, but they were ... well, addictive.

But I forgot them the moment I found these here. Gabriella Marina Gonzalez, a St Martins graduate, made them for her (beeeautiful) collection called "Clothing for the Emotionally Disposessed" - or for people who come to London in search of fame and fabulousness and forget the emotional reasons behind their choice of art/work.

Geez. And here I was thinking my addiction to high shoes were pure aesthetics... Apparently, there's a whole psychological thing behind it :P

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