Friday, 24 April 2009

No Money, No Honey

Obviously, if I hadn't banned myself to even look at my credit card, I would probably do the rounds online and take advantage of early sales that just started. This Mario Schwab for Topshop cut-out jersey dress is light, edgy and has the right amount of coverage for this "is it warm?is it cold?" London weather - although, being the midget I am, I would probably take the hem up (I still haven't learnt how to wear knee-lenght loose dresses and look cool like the cute Japanese girls I see shopping around Bond Street. They go against all the rules for petit people - and they also proudly wear flats). At 25 quid, it'll probably be sold out before I can say "vertically challenged".

Also, I really like those Bebaroque girls and their interesting take on tights, which blogland has been raving about for some time. A lot of online boutiques are selling them at the mo, and ASOS just slashed their price tag by half on this white ones with black floral print (although I still think that £35 for a pair of tights, even this ones with DIAMANT√©, are a little bit hefty for my taste).

Then, looking around Etsy, I found this ruffled "origami" scarves, handmade by Melbry in Indianapolis, US. Having packed away my knitted scarves and put in storage (I refuse to aknowledge that it might still get really cold during spring) I still like to have something interesting to wrap around my neck during windy days. I love my vintage printed scarves, but these ones are a quick option to make an impact on those days when my fashion imagination is subsiding.

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