Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jungle Go Shopping

Oh, I love when a fellow brazilian makes it big this side of the hemisphere!

I was thrilled to see that amazingly talented illustrator Vanessa da Silva got herself a deal with Topshop, and has now a capsule collection of t-shirts and dresses printed with her colourful and quirky drawings! It's all full of the tropical energy and fresh organic lines so characteristic of Brazil, with a relaxed street-style edge. Love the "jungle go shopping" theme, it's perfect for the summer.

My favourite is this jewell necklace print tee, very much what I like to wear to work - comfy with an edge.

I met Vanessa during the LFW rush and she is very much like her drawings - beautiful, all healthy colours and bright smiles. She totally deserves this success - so show the girl some love!

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  1. poxa, que legal que tu conheceu a Vanessa!
    falei dela esses dias no blog também: