Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Found these guys while browsing Hel-looks (they're now linking when the people mention where they got their clothes from, which is awesome for unknown designers and shops). My passion for printed legwear seems to be slowly evolving to other parts of the body, and I catch myself wondering if I should start getting jumpers, coats and shoes with bright, graphic prints (I'm also paying a lot of attention to minimalistic design, but I wonder I can start wearing them once I'm a bit older... as I'm sure I won't be able to get away with street-style tracksuits in neon colours much longer).

Anyway, I digress. This streetwear label hails from that crazy cool land called Helsinki (I SO want to spend some time there. These people must use creativity to compensate for the lack of sunlight -they're amazing), and they make awesome printed leggings and oversize jumpers that look ridiculously comfy and cool. Judging by their lookbook, the collection seems to be unisex, which is a very welcome factor these days (I've been hoarding The Boyfriend's wardrobe for a while, even though he has a lot less clothes than I do - and he certainly CAN'T do the same, what with the height difference).

I'd very much wear their stuff to festivals and outdoor parties, specially that Boy from Mars jumper on top of a polka-dot culottes.

*click on the pictures to see higher res.

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