Thursday, 26 February 2009

Make War, not Love

My Powerbook died last weekend (sniff!) after a very long life spam of 5 years, so I'm kinda fighting over the remaining Mac in the house to do any updates blog-n-ebay-wise. I can still check facebook and twitter (did I tell you I'm on twitter now? SO BLOODY ADDICTIVE, that thing!), but anything to do with images, is a bit of a battle.

Anyway, last tuesday we went to check the MADE - UK show at The Hospital club, and we weren't able to see a thing: the models were running around the second floor lounge, Russell Brand's father was shouting and spitting our way into deafness, and Jack Osbourne's kept distracting me by ... walking past. I did manage to snap a goodie bag that had a beautiful mustard bracelet inside though (wearing it second picture from top to bottom).

Then, from there, to WAR magazine launch (re-launch?) party at Stringfellows' new-ish strip joint Angels. Pure debauchery, of course, which I'm sure was the editors' intention when decided to give free entrance and free champagne to a bunch of artsy-students on a school night. I managed to spill a tray of drinks all over one of the waitresses' lingerie while trying to avoid a kick in the head by a spectacled dude spinning on a pole. The magazine's name apparently takes a cheeky ride on the fame of recent Fashion tome of the moment LOVE (as it's opposite... get it?), albeit in a much smaller scale (no big names advertising as yet). A mix of Vice magazine (with less scatology and more fashion), Dazed & Confused (although less avant-garde), and maybe i-D (with more music features), it's a nice little magazine that could go very forward - they even had access to Chanel's couture backstage show.

Oh, and they like bloggers. \o/

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  1. LOVE her gold headpiece, and those white bodice dresses..
    xx-LJ from SOS!